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Facial Trauma: Let a Pro Handle Your Injury

Facial trauma is not just about pain; it’s an emotional issue as well. This is about your face, and making sure you when you recover from your injury, you are still just as happy to see yourself in the mirror.

4 Surprising Symptoms of TMJ Disorders

TMJ disorders can be difficult to diagnose when your symptoms are not restricted to the jaw area, so to make diagnosis easier we’ve listed some symptoms you might be surprised to find out are related to TMJ disorders!

3D Imaging: State of the Art Technology

The future of dental imaging has arrived, right here in our office! 3D imaging is increasingly becoming the standard in oral and maxillofacial care. In fact, from the oral & maxillofacial surgeon’s office to the general practitioner’s, 3D imaging is rapidly changing the way that dentistry is performed.