3D Imaging: State of the Art Technology

The future of dental imaging has arrived, right here in our office! 3D imaging is increasingly becoming the standard in oral and maxillofacial care. In fact, from the oral & maxillofacial surgeon’s office to the general practitioner’s, 3D imaging is rapidly changing the way that dentistry is performed.

3D Pictures for 3D Structures
3D-ImagingThe structures of the mouth and teeth are three dimensional, yet traditionally they have been photographed in a two-dimensional manner. With the invention and increasing availability of 3D radiographs, we are now able to take patient care to the next level at our practice by providing better outcomes than ever before!

About CBCT
Also known as Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) and similar to medical CAT Scans, 3D dental imaging works by rotating around the patient while taking hundreds of pictures per second from different angles. A computer then takes those images and combines them to create a three-dimensional model in the form of a digital picture.

Not surprisingly, 3D imaging gives us a much better view of what is going on inside of your teeth and mouth. For example, we are able to see complex areas in much better clarity and with more contrast than ever before. The images also provide a better view of periapical lesions and additional anatomical structures in the axial, coronal and sagittal sections.

Here are some of the benefits of CBCT 3D Machines:
• Less Radiation than with CAT Scans
• Compact Machines
• Allow for Better View of Impacted Canines, Wisdom Teeth, Jaw Bone, etc.
• Precise Diagnoses
• More Predictable Treatment Plans and Prognoses

We are proud to provide the newest in technology for our patients to ensure the best care possible!