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Steven H. Young, DDS, OMS, LLC

5 out of 5 stars based on 212 reviews.

Patient Review by Lisa P

I had a growth in my jaw and Dr. Young removed it and filled the remaining gap with a bone graft. They were very courteous and caring during the surgery and it was a success!

- Lisa P

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Patient Review by Gary C

AAA service excellent staff I never felt so relaxed at the dentist before. Dr Steven H. Young (oral surgeon) did a fantastic job extracting my wisdom tooth before I knew it the tooth was out hardly any pain very professional work, Dr Young has a great friendly bedside manner also. Dr Steven Young even called me later that nite to make sure I was ok. I highly recommend Dr. Young and his staff.

- Gary C

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Patient Review by Melissa S

He was great and his staff was friendly and they all made you feel comfortable!

- Melissa S

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Patient Review by BOB G



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Patient Review by David Morrocco

I am treated like family at this office. The entire staff is always very professional, courteous and friendly. They always take time to explain everything before and after each procedure. Dr. young really cares about his patients, he always calls me at home the night after each procedure to be sure that I am comfortable and feel ok. His bedside manner is impeccable!!

- David Morrocco

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Patient Review by Marion G

The care given Dr. Young and his staff was great. Both he and his staff made me feel comfortable and at ease. I would highly recommend Dr. Young!

- Marion G

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Patient Review by Margaret Mutter

Dr Young performed the surgery skillfully. His two nurses were very supportive through the operation. I noticed the respect that each had for one another.. Dr Young called me later that night to see how I was coming along, Overall, Dr Young and his staff were great and I highly recommend them.

- Margaret Mutter

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Patient Review by Carol L.

Very professional doctor and supporting staff. Doctor was very gentle in my extractions and he followed up with a call the night of my surgery. The procedure was a complete success with virtually no pain and the healing process is well underway. Would certainly recommend Dr. Young to anyone requiring oral surgery.

- Carol L.

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Patient Review by Carol M.

Dr. Young and his staff were very professional, comforting , informative and kind. Dr. Young took his time to explain and answer all questions pertaining to wisdom teeth surgery.The video helped my daughter and I understand the procedure and the possible risks of the surgery. We had all of our questions answered and felt well-informed after the first visit. The only suggestion I would make would be for the patient to receive the prescriptions on the first visit instead of the day of surgery. In our case , we had to wait over a half hour to get the script filled. Howvever, we give Dr. Young and his staff 5 STARS .

- Carol M.

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Patient Review by Heidi M.

Dr. Young and his staff took excellent care of my daughter. The peaceful and professional atmosphere of the office and staff helped her remain calm during the procedure. We will absolutely recommend Dr. Young and his staff.

- Heidi M.

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Patient Review by Thomas L.

I am a 60 year old man who grew up in the 50s, and 60s when having any work done on you mouth was painful, yesterday Dr. Steven Young did my first dental in plant. I can honestly say it was a good experience, I suffered no pain and, him and his staff made me very comfortable. Dr. Young has done other work for in the past and he came highly recommended by Dr. Barry. I can not say enough good things about Dr. Young and his staff, but I do know my next oral surgery will hopefully be done be him.

- Thomas L.

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Patient Review by Kristen P.

I was referred here 2 years ago for my older son. From the second I called until the day of his surgery we were treated with the utmost care! I had every question answered (and I ask a lot)! So, it was without question I would go back with my younger son. Same treatment, same care! Dr. Young and his staff, I love them!! What mom doesn't love a place where they know their child will be well cared for. Both their procedures went well. In recovery, every need was met and the time they spent with us going over what we needed to know was awesome. Plus, we got a call by the Doctor by the end of the day. I left there knowing what to expect over the next few weeks, given instructions that are easy to follow on paper and was repeatedly told to call with any concern I had.

- Kristen P.

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